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Yes, we have a very strict policy where all our clients company information are to be kept confidential at all times.
Yes, Dragon Freight can arrange Marine Insurance via Prestmarine member of LLOYDS OF LONDON. Air Freight & Sea Freight.
All our clients are important to us, Dragon Freight strives to provide the best service to all of our clients at all times.
With our dedicated staff we can assist you with all your queries, as each staff member has individual first-hand knowledge and will easily express all necessary information you may require.
It depends from which port in China your cargo is loaded but it is estimated 20-25 days from date of sailing to DBN port.
Yes, under the Customs and Excise Act, all cargo entered into the Country must have an importers/exporters code.
The DA185 application form can be completed and submitted via your bookkeeper/accountant or we can assist to submit on your behalf to Customs for a reasonable fee.
Depending on the Durban port and which mode of transport you selected, i.e rail or merchant haulage.
For rail it could take up to 2 weeks from the date the container is stacked in the DBN port or within 2 days when the container becomes available at the DBN port.
You would require the original bill of lading, commercial invoice and packing list.

Should your commodity attract any import permit or certificates such as 2nd hand goods, you would require an import permit from I.T.A.C., or should you import any electronic commodities you would require a L.O.A – Letter of Authority certificate from N.R.C.S - National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications.

We suggest to check first what all the requirements are prior shipping any products to South Africa.
We would require between 5-7 days before the vessels ETA as Customs new legislation require that the Customs bill of entry must be submitted 72 hours before the vessels ETA.
Various authorities such as Customs Import Team and several other departments within Customs such as Customs Investigation Unit, Customs Dog Unit etc as well as N.R.C.S – National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications/ Border Police (S.A.P.S), may stop/detain consignments entering the country, after the container has moved into the Customs licences depot for inspection it takes about 3-5 days.
Yes, we can offer door to door services. We have been members of Global Alliance Corporation (GAC) for over 10 years with partners worldwide who can take care of the collection and arrangement of the Customs formalities at Port of Load being airfreight/Groupage cargo or containerized cargo and have your cargo delivered at your door, taking the pressure off from you.

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